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BigOnCash Reviews And Testimonials

"I definitely wasn't excited about having to take out a cash advance, but when you're out of options you do what you have to do. My kitchen was empty and my heat was about to get shut off, so I needed to buy food and pay my gas bill ASAP. I borrowed $125 to help me get by, and the cost to pay it back was $150 when I got my check the next week. It was a lot cheaper than having to pawn something, and it was worth it to not be hungry and cold. Thanks for helping me." - Bradley

"My Ford Explorer was on its last leg, and I didn't quite have enough to get the transmission fixed. My boss told me if I missed another day of work to not bother showing up again. I got a payday loans for the difference and got my SUV working again. I'm glad I was able to keep my job." - Shelly

"I'll admit I've had to take out cash loans before. I always went to one of the local stores that offers these loans, and it's always been a pain in the neck. I always had to wait in line, and when they did give me a loan, it was on one of those little plastic cards that works like a prepaid card. This time, I needed real money in my bank account, so I tried taking out an advance online. Wow - it's way easier. I hope I don't need to do it again, but if I do, I'll do it online from now on." - David P.

"I broke my arm when I didn't have health insurance, and that wasn't a problem since the emergency room agreed to bill me later. The problem was the follow up doctor's appointment, where I needed to pay for it the day I went in to have my cast taken off. I just didn't have the money. I took out a cash loan at this website and was able to get my arm all fixed up the next day." - Kylie L.

"My wife and I experienced a bit of a tight spot financially last month. I was going to have to sell my Gibson guitar, something that I really loved and would be heartbroken to part with. When I heard how little the music store would give me for it, I was so shocked that I just walked out. I knew I could find some other way to make ends meet, so I took out a loan online and got to keep my guitar. Thanks for letting me keep rocking!' - Stan

"When my cat got sick, I had to take him to the emergency vet. I had no idea how much these emergency places charge, and my bill ended up being over $800 for a few simple shots and a lab test. I really wasn't expecting to spend this much, and didn't have anywhere near that much money to pay for it. Me and my cat are both glad I could advance my paycheck to cover these costs!" - Samantha

"My daughter got married last week, and I wouldn't miss it for the world. The only problem is she lives 4 states over, and the plane tickets were just too much for me to afford. I know a cash loan isn't the ideal way to do this, but I just had to be there. I'm so happy you made it possible for me to walk my little girl down the aisle." - Spencer F.

"Textbooks are really expensive, and I didn't save up enough money over the summer to pay for all of the ones I needed. After my financial aid and school loans were applied for tuition, I still didn't have enough to buy a couple of books, and they were nearly $80 each! I used a cash advance to buy them so I didn't have to miss any school while I waited on my next paycheck from my part time job." - Preston

"The company I work for is out of state, so I do all of my work on my laptop. When it crashed and I couldn't fix it myself, I was freaking out. All of my projects were on that computer and I wasn't prepared enough to have everything I needed backed up on another drive. If I didn't turn in last month's marketing report on time, I was at risk of losing my job. With a BigOnCash' loan I had the money to take it in to a repair shop and at least have my files pulled off the computer until I can afford to buy a brand new one. Thankfully I got the money the same day and got it all done in time to keep my job. Whew, that was a close one!" - Bryan J.

"I promised my 7 year old I would take her to Harry Potter World for her birthday. I bought the plane tickets months ahead of time, but didn't save enough to buy admission to the park. Oops… Well, if you have children, you know you can't break their hearts when you promised something. Plus, it wouldn't make sense to just let the plane tickets go to waste. I borrowed a couple hundred dollarsfrom BigOnCash.com to pay for it, and my daughter is still smiling. Definitely worth it, and I would do it all over again, although I really should learn to save more money." - Rachael

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